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Dr Nihar Mehta, Sudhir Mehta, Ramesh Radia, Dr Maulik Parekh (left to right) (Photo/ANI)
Dr Nihar Mehta, Sudhir Mehta, Ramesh Radia, Dr Maulik Parekh (left to right) (Photo/ANI)

Reliance Foundation Hospital performs first MitraClip procedure in western India

ANI | Updated: Sep 29, 2021 20:53 IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], September 29 (ANI): Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital in Mumbai has performed the first case of MitraClip in Western India in which two patients underwent the procedure and were discharged within 48 hours.
MitraClip is a novel and revolutionary treatment to repair a leaking mitral valve without the need for open-heart surgery.
A release said it is a highly specialized and sophisticated therapy, which involves clipping the two leaflets of the mitral valve at an area from where it is leaking.
The main benefits of the procedures include reduction in valve regurgitation, improved quality of life, decreased chances of breathlessness and hospitalization, favourable reduction in heart size and avoidance of risky open-heart surgery.
The entire procedure was done by Dr Maulik Parekh and Dr Nihar Mehta, who are consultant-cardiologists at Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital Cardiologists.

Dr Parekh, who specialises in non-surgical valve (Transcatheter) interventions, said, "MitraClip therapy being available in Mumbai will benefit scores of elderly and sick patients suffering from severe mitral regurgitation (leak)."
Dr Mehta said many patients suffering from leakage of mitral valve require repeated hospitalisation with breathlessness and they can now be treated with this therapy without the risks involved in open-heart surgery.
Sudhir Mehta (78) was admitted to ICU with heart failure and chest infection. He was diagnosed with severe leakage of the mitral valve.
"Post recovery from this infection, he underwent the MitraClip procedure at Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital in Mumbai on August 23, 2021. He was up and about the same day and was discharged within 48 hours of the procedure," the release said.
Ramesh Radia (80) was suffering from swelling of legs, palpitation with erratic heartbeats and breathlessness.
"He was diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse with severe mitral regurgitation. He was treated with MitraClip procedure on August 24, 2021, and discharged within 48 hours from the hospital."
The release said that the team that performed Mumbai's first MitraClip procedure at HN Reliance Foundation Hospital also included Dr AB Mehta, Dr SR Handa, Dr Harvesp Panthaky and Dr Kritika Sharma. (ANI)