Shimla District Magistrate Aditya Negi. (File Photo/ANI)
Shimla District Magistrate Aditya Negi. (File Photo/ANI)

Restriction hours are not applicable to eateries during curfew, Shimla DM clarifies

ANI | Updated: May 12, 2021 10:23 IST

Shimla (Himachal Pradesh) [India], May 12 (ANI): In view of queries/complaints by people for not being allowed by police to operate permitted activities during curfew hours from 10 am-1 pm, Shimla District Magistrates (DM) on Wednesday clarified that restriction hours are not applicable to eateries.
In an official notification, Shimla District Magistrate Aditya Negi, wrote, "Restriction of the timing of three hours, i.e 10 am to 1 pm is not applicable to the hotels, restaurants, and dhabas, which have been allowed to operate after 1 pm, subject to fulfilling related SOPs."
Further stating about complaints received at DM's office, Negi wrote, "It is informed that various queries and complaints have been received in this office from various stakeholders that workers/staffs engaged in various activities allowed by the government during the curfew period are not being allowed to proceed their workplace by the police. Further, it has also been found that owners of various dhabas, restaurants were compelled to close their establishments at 1 pm, whereas there was no restrictions on operating the same after 1 pm."

The Himachal Pradesh government has announced a three-hour relaxation in the curfew imposed across the state to combat COVID-19 and the DMs have declared different timings for the curfew to be relaxed in their districts starting Monday.
As of now, the state is under lockdown from May 7 to May 17.
Whereas, Himachal Pradesh reported a record of 64 Covid-19 deaths and 4,977 positive cases on Tuesday.
3,098 positive patients also recovered in the state. The state has 14,07,59 total confirmed positive cases of which 36,232 cases are active, 10,24,99 patients have recovered while 1,989 patients have died. (ANI)