Robbers pelt stones at Patna-Kolkata Express

ANI | Updated: Mar 14, 2018 20:27 IST

Jumai (Bihar) [India], Mar. 14 (ANI): The Kolkata bound Patna-Kolkata Express train came under attack by some robbers at the Jamui station and was later pelted with stones by the robbers.

The incident reportedly happened on board the sleeper coach when the train entered the station when more than half a dozen people entered the coach and began robbing the passengers.

While the robbery was in progress, some of the passengers overpowered one of the robbers and started thrashing him. By this time the train had crossed Katauna halt.

The robber who was being thrashed raised an alarm and his associates pulled the chain and stopped the train.

As soon as the train stopped, 20-25 more of their associates entered the train.

This led to a full-blown scuffle between the passengers and the robbers. But as soon as the vacuum brakes were repaired the train began moving forward.

As the train began moving, the robbers exited the train with whatever they could lay their hands on and they began pelting the sleeper coach with stones.

The stone pelting resulted in the window panes of coach S-4 being smashed which resulted in injuries to more than half a dozen passengers.

When the train reached Jha-Jha station, the injured passengers were given first aid.

The police have registered an FIR in connection with the matter.

It came to light later that a short distance from where the incident took place, about five to ten cows had died after they were hit by the Toofan Express train. (ANI)