Robert Vadra speaking to ANI on Tuesday. (Photo/ANI)
Robert Vadra speaking to ANI on Tuesday. (Photo/ANI)

Robert Vadra looking for legal help for Disha Ravi arrested in 'toolkit' case

ANI | Updated: Feb 16, 2021 18:06 IST

New Delhi [India], February 16 (ANI): Robert Vadra, businessman and son-in-law of Congress president Sonia Gandhi, on Tuesday said that he is looking for legal help for climate activist Disha Ravi, who was arrested by the Delhi Police on Sunday for allegedly sharing a 'toolkit' document related to the farmers' protest with Swedish teen activist Greta Thunberg.
Vadra told ANI, "I see something incorrect happening in our country. My family is in politics so of course they do get involved in every issue related to the country, but having said that when I saw a girl of age 21 being arrested in this way, the way she was arrested, I am looking for good legal help for Disha and that she should have good counsel and it should be neutral."
"We support people who are handled in the wrong way. We are not anti-national and are not against the country," he said.
"I can help farmers and send them food. I can help them in whatever way is in my capacity but that's doesn't make me anti-national, because I am not supporting them due to something incorrect," he added.
Hitting out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the arrest of Disha Ravi over the farmers' protest, Vadra said, "You are telling everybody to be self-reliant or Atmanirbhar. When you make people Atmanirbhar, it means they do have an opinion, they do have a voice. They see wrong happening with farmers for more than 80 days, they have left their homes and are sitting at the borders. The border has been made secure as if it was India Pakistan border."
Coming out in support of the farmers' protest, Vadra said, "You are not willing to listen to the farmers. You have seen what happened when we had the corona pandemic around. For 4 hours at night everybody had to lock down and adhere to rules otherwise people were beaten on the roads. People want to go back to their villages because they didn't have any earnings and they made their way back walking."
"If you see unemployment, it is at its peak. People are without a job. If you see what's happening with the petrol and diesel prices, people are seeing this disharmony and hence they will voice their opinion," he added.

He said the farmers' issue is an international issue because people have all come together saying this is incorrect. He added, "We thank farmers-- because of them we eat every day but they have been on the borders."
Raising the issue of the three farm laws, Vadra said, "Why can't people be involved with the government whenever a new law is created so that we can understand their (concerned persons) side and the government's side. Many people like Disha are going to rebel, revolt and voice their opinion, say things and if you trying to press them down or have another way to say this is incorrect or that is incorrect or you are anti-national. If you talk on any issue against the government it is unacceptable and this is not me saying. Everybody I meet seems unhappy and like my family, I also voice my opinion, because I have been through this for the last 10 years. They keep bringing my name whenever they like. They use my name or send agencies people here."
He said the government should listen to the opinions of youth. "Youth just don't want to keep quiet. I have a daughter, who is 18-year-old and I hear her opinions and my son, who is 20-year-old and I hear their opinions. Yes they are independent but if you make people independent they are going to react and we have to accept that."
Vadra said if there is any wrongdoing, people would like to see the proof, otherwise they won't believe it. He said he believes in the judicial system of the country. "We believe in the police but everybody who voices their opinion is anti-national. I believe if Delhi police is doing the integration, they are finding what is wrong and right."
He said, "Serious charges have to be proved. I can't be saying anything against the judiciary or courts or Delhi police but I will say it against the government because they can't suppress the voice of anybody who says something, because they are going to have an opinion, because it is a democracy. In a democracy people speak what they feel and you have to accept that."
"We should be proud of the people who are educated and who think something incorrect is there and they would like to speak they don't need the backing of an international person; they are strong enough to speak for themselves in this country. We must fight for women for their safety for them to be able to speak as good as men and be equal and if you are going to suppress it, people will not accept it. You will have a number of people standing at India Gate and various other people doing candlelight marches and so on because nobody wants to sit back and just hear whatever the government says anymore," he said.
"The government can't decide who is right or wrong. There is a proper system for that. We have to follow the system, not the government saying who did wrong because you spoke against us so are anti-national. It's unacceptable," he said.
On the issue of whether they were talking against the government with the help of international celebrities, Vadra said, "It's a myth. It's incorrect. We are citizens of India. We will fight for the people of India. My family will fight politically and I will help in my own capacity and I am not anti-national. We have a right to fight for the people and we will do that." (ANI)