Russia refutes allegations of interference in Indian elections

ANI | Updated: Aug 06, 2018 23:03 IST

New Delhi (India), Aug 6 (ANI): The Russian Embassy in New Delhi has denied a news report by a media outlet alleging that Russia would target elections in India and Brazil through their media institutions.
The media outlet allegedly quoted "a social media expert" from a British university regarding the report of Russia influencing elections in both the aforementioned countries.
The embassy clarified that Russia had never interfered in internal politics of other countries as it went against the fundamental principles of its foreign policy.
"This blatantly false and unfounded assertion is a phoney attempt to drive a wedge between Russia and her BRICS partners following the success of the recent summit meeting of the group in Johannesburg," an official statement said.
"It has become a common knowledge that Russia enjoys the camaraderie with India and will never do anything that goes against the interests and dignity of the friendly Indian nation," it added.
13 Russian nationals were indicted by United States Special counsel Robert Mueller for allegedly interfering in the 2016 United States elections.
The New York Times reported that along with the 13 nationals, three Russian organisations were also accused of illegally using social media platforms to influence the Presidential elections of the United States. (ANI)