Former IAF Chief BS Dhanoa speaking to ANI.
Former IAF Chief BS Dhanoa speaking to ANI.

S-400 dominates enemy's airspace, says former Air Chief Dhanoa

ANI | Updated: Feb 26, 2020 12:15 IST

New Delhi [India], Feb 26 (ANI): Former Air Chief BS Dhanoa said that the S-400 air defence system will enable India to dominate the enemy's airspace and Rafale fighter jets are half a generation ahead of aircraft which Pakistan and China have.
He said that the Indian Air Force (IAF) is "better prepared" after the Balakot airstrike.
"IAF is much better prepared. Give it another six months, Rafale will come. Give it another six months, S-400 will come. So, the story is going to be very lot different," said Dhanoa.
"Normally all air defence weapons help you to dominate your airspace but this is one weapon that will help you dominate enemy's airspace. That is a game-changing capability. Rafale is half a generation ahead of what both our adversaries have got and it gives you look first, shoot the first capability," he said.
He said that Balakot airstrike could have been carried out without even crossing the Line of Control but India wanted to send a message to the terrorists that "we will get you", no matter where you are.

"When we initially planned Balakot, we were very clear which are the buildings that we are going to hit. It was not a kill all, destroy all mission. If it was a kill all, destroy all mission, Brahmos would have been a very effective answer," he said.
The former Air Chief pointed out that it would have been tough for Pakistanis to intercept the Brahmos supersonic missile fired from the Su-30 MKI jet.
Asked if IAF wanted to hit back after PAF's failed strike on Indian military installation on February 27, Dhanoa said, "cent per cent, look at our capability to carry bombs and look at their capability to carry bombs. The moment you planned the Balakot operation, you have to be ready for escalation. You plan as per the enemy's capability."
The Air Force keeps the plans ready, the go-ahead is given by the government, he added.
Exactly a year ago India carried out air-strike at a terror camp in Balakot. (ANI)