Developmental schemes reaching the villages of Bastar district after establishment of Security camps (Photo/ANI)
Developmental schemes reaching the villages of Bastar district after establishment of Security camps (Photo/ANI)

Security camps restrict Naxal movement; speed up development in Chhattisgarh's Bastar

ANI | Updated: May 25, 2021 11:48 IST

Raipur (Chhattisgarh) [India], May 25 (ANI): The establishment of security camps in Naxal-affected areas of Bastar District has restricted Naxal movement and rapidly paved the way for the development the region, said the Chhattisgarh government on Tuesday.
"Securing a befitting reply to the Bastar Naxalites, the security forces had decided to establish their security camps in interiors of dense forests and previously unapproachable mountainous areas. These camps have been set up after perusing a careful chalked-out strategy where each camp can have access to others in times of distress. The establishment of these advanced camps has restricted the smooth movement of Naxalites in these areas. The manifold growth of security forces has proved to be a setback for the Naxal movement," Taran Sinha, Commissioner, Public relation department, Chhattisgarh, said in a release.
Apart from that, Sinha said that the grievances of remote villages are now reaching the district administration promptly.
"This has further improved the grievance resolving mechanism of the district. It has also led to spontaneity in up-gradation of basic facilities including medical, health, drinking water and electricity," the Commissioner said.
He further said that the Bastar district administration has strengthened its war against malnutrition, malaria, and seasonal diseases through active campaigns.

The Chhattisgarh government said the progress of Bastar, however, is being looked at as a hurdle by Naxalites and they are regressively opposing these camps.
"These camps are often ambushed. The Naxalites even attempt to create misunderstanding among the native villagers and trick them to go against the security forces. Bastar had witnessed a surge in the Naxal movement due to the lack of communication and dialogue between villagers and the district administration. Nevertheless, with the establishment of these camps- various new avenues of communication and dialogue are being opened leading to a constructive partnership between the villagers and the administration," Sinha stated.
As per the government, the forest dwellers of the Bastar region have lately witnessed increased income from forests, farming and allied activities.
"In comparison to other progressive farmers of various regions of Chhattisgarh, a Bastar villager is getting satisfactory prices. Besides, availing facilities akin to Forest Right Lease, they are also being supported with pond construction, dabri construction, manure-seeds and alike activities," noted the Commissioner.
He said that the development of infrastructure projects after the establishment of security camps has put an end to the concept of middlemen in sale-purchase transactions of forest produce and agricultural activities, and the villagers now sell their produce directly at support price fixed by the government.
"The sick and disaster-stricken individuals in the region are coming forward and availing health facilities. This has also pushed for educational reforms. Those schools which were shut by Naxalites in various parts of the Bastar division are now hosting and reorganizing educational sessions through virtual mode. Bastar's development story has now become a promising story paving way for new possibilities in Bastar," the release added. (ANI)