Chief Organiser, Lalji Desai
Chief Organiser, Lalji Desai

Seva Dal gets makeover

ANI | Updated: Jul 07, 2018 20:18 IST

New Delhi (India), July 7 (ANI): The Congress' grassroots wing, Seva Dal, is getting an image makeover, nearly two years after the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh got a sartorial change.
The new dress code for the Seva Dal cadres will be replacing old Gandhi caps with sports caps and white trousers with blue jeans. The change is aimed at creating better connect with the youth.
In the fresh change of dress code, women of the group will get to chose what they want to wear.
The change also includes that the Seva Dal will only salute the national flag.
Apart from just assisting the Congress leaders in various events and functions, the Seva Dal cadres will now also be involved in leadership programmes.
Chief Organiser, Lalji Desai said, "Blue jeans are common everywhere. It is worn by everyone. Seva dal wants to connect with the common people, and hence we changed to blue jeans, Gandhi Topi is our identity even until this day, and whenever there is a ritual, we wear that. But our roles are changing, and sports caps make it easier for us to work on the field. Plus, it will make us connect more to the youth."
The Seva Dal was formed on 1 January 1924 in the name of Hindustani Seva Mandal which was changed by the Congress Working Committee in 1931.
During Independence struggle period, Gandhi caps used to help identify the service team.
Even after independence, many big leaders came from the service team who contributed to politics. (ANI)