Bhaskar Rao
Bhaskar Rao

Shed weight or face action: K'taka' ADG tells cops

ANI | Updated: Jul 10, 2018 16:23 IST

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], July 10, (ANI): Karnataka's Additional Director General (ADG) of Police, Bhaskar Rao, has directed officers to lose weight or face suspension from service.
Speaking to ANI on the matter, Bhaskar said that those who have been found overweight are now under the scanner. He also firmly stated that if the defaulters failed to shed weight, they will be given harsh and extra duties during the period of their service.
Citing that the people of the country want a fit and a healthy force, the ADG added that soon they will introduce healthy meals in their canteens and will also increase the physical activities in our camps.
Bhaskar also added that they will also appoint a couple of councillors to aide the defaulters in their weight loss process.
"People expect police to be fit. We are going to serve healthy food in our canteens and increase physical activity in our police camps. People who fail to reduce their weight & improve their health will be punished, "said Bhaskar Rao.
Notably, on July 3 Bhaskar has directed all the commanders of all 12 platoons to identify pot-bellied personnel in the Karnataka State Reserve Police (KSRP). He also directed these commanders to put the defaulters on a strict exercise regime and a healthy diet.
"The policemen should be given a deadline to reduce the size of their pot bellies, and those who fail to do so must face disciplinary action," a circular issue by the ADG read.
On a closer look, in March 2018, the rural police in Coimbatore also identified overweight policeman and sent them for a three weeks rigorous training programme in order to make them fit.(ANI)