Shia chief urges Rahul to help PM Modi govt. in building Ram Mandir

ANI | Updated: Mar 18, 2018 22:57 IST

Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) [India], Mar. 18 (ANI): UP Shia Waqf Board chairperson Waseem Rizvi on Sunday reacted to Congress president Rahul Gandhi's plenary session speech that he should work in tandem with the government to let communal harmony prevail.

"Rahul Gandhi should prove the love for his country and love for God and the Congress should support the Indian government to build the temple of Lord Ram at his birthplace (said to be in Ayodhya) and Masjid-e-Aman be constructed in Lucknow," said Rizvi in a statement released today.

Rizvi was responding to Gandhi's speech in New Delhi where he took a jibe at Prime Minister Modi and accused him of diverting attention to trivial things instead of the matter at hand.

"The PM diverts our attention and jumps from one event to another from Gabbar Singh tax to yoga in Parliament but never talks about the issues. But, the Congress cannot be stopped from seeking the truth and justice," said Congress President Rahul Gandhi earlier today.(ANI)