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Shramdan- New way to tackle drought in Maharashtra

Byline: Abhishek S Awasthi (ANI) | Updated: Apr 14, 2018 16:52 IST

Parli Taluka (Maharashtra) [India], Apr. 14 (ANI): In a season of vacation, children and teenagers are participating in a drive called 'Shramdan'.

Shramdan is all about donating physical labour to villagers in their respective villages as a measure undertaken for water conversation and accumulation in future to tackle drought.

In Shramdan, the villagers dig up trenches, small canals; take up widening and broadening work across river banks. They do it for around three hours in the morning from 6:00 am to 9:00 am and in the evening before sunset.

All these villagers do it for a cause to secure their future and they do it completely free. They even undergo training and accordingly a team is formed who plans for their respective villages.

"40 percent of India's land is irrigable, the figure drops to only 16.57 percent in Maharashtra, and it's a mere 1.72 percent in Parli," Mayank Gandhi, NGO Global Parli of Beed District in Maharashtra.

"What attracts me towards this drive is that these kids, despite enjoying their vacation decide to perform Shramdan in their respective villages. They are setting an example for others and even appealing other students who are on vacation to come forward to take up Shramdan," Mayank added. (ANI)