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SIDCO Industrial Complex Lassipura has provided a massive boost to employment in Pulwama.
SIDCO Industrial Complex Lassipura has provided a massive boost to employment in Pulwama.

SIDCO Industrial Complex Lassipura provides massive boost to employment in Pulwama

ANI | Updated: Aug 12, 2020 00:15 IST

Pulwama (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], August 12 (ANI): A few years back, not even a blade of grass grew on what is today SIDCO Industrial Complex Lassipura, an industrial hub that has provided both space and opportunity to the local small scale entrepreneurs to establish themselves and promises even more for the future.
The expansive industrial hub with an area of around 6,234 kanals (1 kanal = 505.86 Square metre) has accommodated 329 small scale units spanning from an allied plywood factory, packaging manufacturing unit, polymer industry to Jhamjham milk products.
General Manager of the Jhamjham milk products says he is grateful to the government initiatives in the region as his company was able to establish its entire operations in the complex only.
"There are 40 people working in Jhamjham milk production. Around 1,000 farmers are associated with our team. Collection, testing, Re-packaging, storage and distribution is done here only," said the general manager of the JhamJham milk products.
While 329 individual units are already operational under 2,602 kanals of allotted land, the Government is planning to allot 1,600 kanals more in near future.

The complex has proven to be a major employment hub as around 12,000 people are currently employed SIDCO complex.
With government schemes boosting the investment capabilities of people across Jammu and Kashmir, the complex currently measures a capital involvement of around 1,096.31 Crore with projections showing a significant rise in coming times.
The complex is equipped with modern machinery, warehousing service and transportation facility.
The abrogation of article 370 last year has seemingly provided a new lease of life to the entrepreneurs in Jammu and Kashmir and the youth has come forward to grab all the opportunities that have been floated by the government.
One such example is the establishment of milk societies by girls and boys in Pulwama, who were encouraged by the governments' scheme, 'Umeed'
In order to help them in marketing and avail other facilities, the administration has also established Automatic Milk Collection Centres (AMCCs) all across Pulwama, so that these youngsters can sell milk at these centres. (ANI)