Musicians in Kashmir resume recording of songs after a gap of one year (Photo/ANI)
Musicians in Kashmir resume recording of songs after a gap of one year (Photo/ANI)

Singing legends reopen studios to preserve rich musical heritage of Jammu and Kashmir

ANI | Updated: Sep 13, 2020 17:38 IST

Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], September 13 (ANI): Singers, composers have taken an initiative to take the rich classical music of Jammu and Kashmir including sufiyana, classical, and folk at a global stage by taking different genres of musicians together to prepare a special album namely "Qarrar".
But unfortunately, all the musical activities including studio recordings were closed due to the pandemic which has resulted in music lovers of the valley being upset.
Studios are considered as second homes for singers because singers indulge in activities such as rehearsals, recordings, dubbings, audio mixing and that's why renowned singer and music composer Waheed Jeelani and a group of singers came forward to restart the recordings in studios with a new concept aimed to preserve the rich Kashmiri music.
The different formats including sufiyana, classical, and folk Music are extremely popular across the globe and reflects the rich musical heritage and cultural legacy of the Jammu and Kashmir region
This is the first initiative taken by these music lovers aimed to involve all singers of the Valley aimed to prepare a special song titled "Wattan" and also prepare a special album with new talented singers namely "Qarrar".

"The reason why we have started this initiative is to provide an opportunity to our Kashmiri artists. After a long time we are able to resume recording in studios, courtesy relaxations from the government but we are keeping in mind all the necessary guidelines," Waheed Jeelani, a renowned singer told ANI.
Mohamad Yaqoob, a Sufi singer, hailed Jeelani's initiative of combining various music styles of Kashmir, further adding that all the artists involved in the project are working hard to made the album a success.
"With Waheed sahab's initiative, Sufi, folk music have been combined and a song was composed which is a very good thing. I have also supported him immensely as well. All the artists who are involved in this project are working with their heart and soul," he said.
Singer Jameela Khan said that all the different genres of music performing together is a good thing.
"It feels great that recording studios have now opened up. It is for the first time that all of us are working together and I feel good that we are all working together--I feel very happy that now that I have come back, I am being able to do some good," she said. (ANI)