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Visual outside Pirbahore police station in Patna (Photo/ANI)
Visual outside Pirbahore police station in Patna (Photo/ANI)

Son of ex-RJD MLC arrested for misbehaving with DSP in Patna

ANI | Updated: Sep 10, 2022 10:56 IST

Patna (Bihar) [India], September 10 (ANI): Former Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) MLC Anwar Ahmed's son Afshar Ahmed has been arrested for allegedly misbehaving with the Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) and others inside a police station in Patna on Friday.
According to Police, Afshar Ahmed misbehaved with DSP Ashok Singh at Pirbahore police station in Patna. Afshar Ahmed, who is also a ward councillor was allegedly forcing police to let a man go who allegedly attacked police team on Thursday during a raid.
After this Afshar was taken into custody. Later Afshar's father Anwar Ahmed also arrived at the police station.

"He was forcing us to let a man go who attacked a team that went for a raid. He misbehaved with us and abused me. We told him that we will free the person only if he was found innocent in our probe. He and others started a ruckus and misbehaved with us. I told them to leave but he verbally abused me and said that he will come back with 5,000 people and give it a different angle. He has been arrested," said Ashok Singh, DSP Town.
Speaking to ANI, Senior Superintendent of Police, Patna Manavjeet Singh Dhillon said, "The ward councillor has been arrested for obstructing government work, misbehaviour with on-duty police and the uproar in the police station. All the CCTV footage is being scanned. No one will be spared."

"There was an attack on the police patrol team, in which the accused were caught and brought to the police station, to rescue them, these people came to the police station and created a ruckus and misbehaved with the police," added the official.
On Thursday, locals attacked the police team that went on a raid in Sabzibagh area. The cops were beaten by locals. The very next police party went to the area and brought a shopkeeper to the police station for questioning.
The MLC's son along with others then came to the police station to free the shopkeeper from the police station. (ANI)