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SPG to train 450 Delhi Police personnel for VIP security

ANI | Updated: Sep 01, 2021 23:16 IST

By Ravi Bhushan Dwivedi
New Delhi [India], September 1 (ANI): To provide security to VIPs in Delhi, a new security battalion of Delhi Police is being formed, which will be trained by the Special Protection Group (SPG).
As many as 450 people will be trained in the first batch. As per the new rules, after spending three years in security, one can also get the desired posting in Delhi Police.

Presently, the jawans in Delhi Police below the age of 35 years have been asked to join the security battalion. However, in the future, every recruit constable of the Police Training School in Wazirabad and Jharoda Kalan will have to spend three years in the security battalion.
"Every police personnel who provide security to the VIPs will be of a young age and will have to undergo SPG training. They will also be taught techniques like martial arts and the battalion will get a new dress, the colour of which may be different from Khaki and the style may vary from the traditional safari suit. Uniforms are being discussed right now," Delhi Police said.
Delhi Police personnel will not be kept in the security battalion for more than five years, the police informed.
Women police personnel with good spoken English would also be deployed for the protection of the VIPs.
Intelligence agencies have alerted several times that the VIPs remain a target of the terrorists, Delhi Police said. (ANI)