Spiritual leader Advaitananda Giri and Chairman of SREI foundation Hemant Kanoria.
Spiritual leader Advaitananda Giri and Chairman of SREI foundation Hemant Kanoria.

Spiritual leader Advaitananda Giri leads meditation session, explains benefits of ancient practice

ANI | Updated: Jul 30, 2021 22:48 IST

New Delhi [India], July 30 (ANI): The manifold benefits of meditation has been reinforced by countless studies and experts the world over and spiritual leader Advaitananda Giri on Friday reiterated the benefits of the ancient practice, especially during a time when Covid-19 has battered the world leaving people battling with various fears and anxieties.
During a session titled "Meditate, Celebrate, Levitate in Covid-19 pandemic" organised by Universal Spirituality and Humanity Foundation, Swami Advaitananda Giri of the registered non-profit International Meditation foundation, which has branches in 47 countries provided tips to deal with Covid-19 through meditation and mindfulness.
The spiritual guru, who calls himself a Himalayan Yogi was introduced by Hemant Kanoria, the chairman of Srei Foundation.

Kanoria introduced Advaitananda Giri not only as an expert on meditation expert but as one whose recommendation for 'Sanskar Shiksha' formed the basis for the inclusion of value-based education in the country's National Education Policy 2020, which also has focus on multi-disciplinary learning modules, including Yoga, Meditation.
Giri said that education policy influences the environment in which children grow and said that country should focus on building a system that focuses on expanding the potential of human beings driven by love and not as a competition.
"Our education system should be based on love and expand our potential as human beings to the fullest. Competition leads to jealousy and jealousy resulting in hatred. This will affect the environment in which our children will grow. The fundamental of education must be love-driven and this love can make them progressive," the spiritual leader said.
During the interactive session today, Advaitananda Giri also led a meditation session in which he recounted an experience where he meditated for about three hours.
Giri is the founder of the International Meditation Foundation, which conducts research on various meditation techniques like Kriya meditation, Yoga nidra, Pranayama among others. (ANI)