Restoration work on Boulevard Road. (Photo/ANI)
Restoration work on Boulevard Road. (Photo/ANI)

Srinagar's Boulevard Road gets a facelift after easing of lockdown restrictions

ANI | Updated: Jul 04, 2020 15:00 IST

Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], July 4 (ANI): The Boulevard Road along Srinagar's famous Dal Lake is undergoing restoration work after the COVID-19-induced lockdown restrictions were eased in Kashmir.
The restoration work, which includes footpaths and the parapet wall of Dal Lake, was in full swing before the nationwide lockdown. It came to a standstill following the outbreak of coronavirus and measures taken to contain its spread.
According to Sami Arif, Chief Engineer, Roads and Buildings, 549 construction projects have started in Kashmir after lockdown restrictions were relaxed earlier in June.
"Over 2,600 labourers have been employed, out of which many are stranded migrants from other states," said Arif.
He also added that the stretch from Kralsangri to Nishat was in really bad shape and needed maintenance work.

"We got to work immediately after lockdown restrictions were eased. We just finished the Macadamisation process and work on the parapet wall has been completed till the area next to the Centaur Lake View hotel," Arif told ANI.
"Dal Lake is our pride and joy. The Boulevard Road has a lot of historical significance as it is the only road that leads towards historical Mughal roads like Cheshmashahi, Nishant Bagh and Shalimar Bagh," he added.
Dal Lake is a very popular tourist spot and many residents had a positive response to the restoration process.
Mohsin Amin, a resident of the area told ANI, "During the lockdown, labourers, contractors, workers and the Public Works Department (PWD), everyone was very concerned. We are very glad that the government has eased lockdown restrictions."
According to Noor Mohamad, a mason involved in the restoration process, everyone has greatly benefited from the ongoing work.
"Many people are involved in the work and we are finally starting to recover from the financial strain that was put on us by the coronavirus. Everyone has benefited from this step, many migrants have also got employed. Now we can slowly bring back the lake's beauty," he said. (ANI)