Sikh activist Harminder Singh Ahluwalia talking to ANI in new Delhi on Saturday
Sikh activist Harminder Singh Ahluwalia talking to ANI in new Delhi on Saturday

Stand by nation on Kashmir issue but opinion of Kashmiris is important : Sikh activist Harminder Singh Ahluwalia

Sahil Pandey | Updated: Aug 17, 2019 18:46 IST

By Sahil Pandey
New Delhi (India), Aug 17 (ANI): Delhi based Sikh activist Harminder Singh Ahluwalia, who helped 32 Kashmiri girls in Pune reach their home in Kashmir post abrogation of Article 370 in the area, opined that any decision regarding Jammu and Kashmir should have been taken considering the view-point of Kashmiri people.
"We are outside Kashmir and we are with the nation but any decision regarding Kashmir should be taken considering viewpoint of Kashmiri's which is also important," said Ahluwalia, President of United Sikh Mission.
"It is the responsibility of the state to look into the security and well being. The opinion of people should also be considered and respected," said Ahluwalia.
"Last time when Pulwama happened Kashmiris were targeted. We have witnessed the pain of 1984 genocide and what happened with Sikhs after killing of Indira Gandhi. We feel the pain of target killing of a particular community," he said.
Ahluwalia and his colleagues facilitated the return of 32 Kashmiri girls to their homes and arranged air tickets for their travel.
"So I went on Facebook live and these girls saw and approached me for help, they were very afraid and wanted to go back home. We raised funds for these 32 girls in Pune through Facebook and arranged tickets for them to Srinagar from Pune and Mumbai. After reaching Srinagar we handed over the girls to their family members with the help of Army," said Ahluwalia.
The girls have come to Pune for nursing training under Skill India Programme. (ANI)