Stubble-burning: A headache for government, helplessness for farmers

ANI | Updated: Oct 05, 2017 00:33 IST

Karnal (Haryana) [India], October 5 (ANI): Despite several warnings by the authorities, the farmers in Haryana's Karnal are still resorting to stubble-burning, which has led to pollution in the surrounding areas.

The fumes generated by the burning of crops lead to serious pollution in the nearby cities. This also creates problems for drivers as visibility on the roads is reduced.

Last year, some people had lost their lives in road accidents due to this, after which the government and the administration strictly prohibited burning of crops.

The district administration, in this regard, has imposed Section 144 here. Also, if any farmer burns the residue of crops in the fields, he is entitled to pay a fine.

Talking to ANI about the issue, Karnal Deputy Commissioner Aditya Dahiya said, "We have directed everyone to not adopt this method. There is also provision of fine in the matter. The farmers, who still continue to do it, will be dealt with strongly."

But the famers here have their own story.

They have claimed that the government has not given them any other option than to adopt to the method of burning of crops.

A farmer sharing his grief on the matter said, "There is no provision in this regard from the government. The farmers are already in distress and dying under the burden of loans and if we do not adopt this method, it will further cost us more than Rs. 5,000. This will be too much. This is our helplessness."

He further accused the government of always making farmers their easy target.

"The government is complaining about the pollution created form the stubble-burning, but it will never take up the issue of pollution that generates from the industries," he said. (ANI)