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BJP Bihar senior leader Sushil Modi (Image/ANI)
BJP Bihar senior leader Sushil Modi (Image/ANI)

Sushil Modi: Lalu-Nitish meeting with Sonia a flop show

ANI | Updated: Sep 25, 2022 23:11 IST

New Delhi [India], September 25 (ANI): Senior BJP leader and Rajya Sabha MP Sushil Modi said that the meeting of RJD chief Lalu Yadav and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar with Sonia Gandhi is not going to make any big difference in the country's politics because Congress is a sinking ship.
Slamming the Congress party, he said that Congress has been reduced to two states. "Why would Sonia Gandhi pay any heed to Nitish Kumar, she would want Rahul Gandhi to become the Prime Minister", he added.
Talking about Lalu Yadav's illness, he wished him a speedy recovery, yet made a striking remark that Lalu's era is over. "In the 2009 Bihar election, he won 4 seats and in 2014, he got zero votes, their efforts will go in vain as they will not be able to unite nor will anyone accept Nitish Kumar as their leader", he claimed.
Sushil further took a jibe at Lalu saying that he claims to remove the Modi government when he hasn't been able to secure even four seats in Bihar.

"The opposition is being brought together, but where is it coming from? Only five of the 17 parties that were expected to attend the Haryana Fatehabad rally did so today; the leaders of the other 12 parties did not even show up. Lalu Yadav is the only one claiming that the BJP would be overturned simply by speaking, which is illegal in his state. He added that he claims to be removing Narendra Modi since he could not win or secure four seats", he added.
He claimed that the number of MLAs JDU has is 43 in Bihar whereas BJP has 13,000 MLAs, CM in 12 states, and government in 18 states. Sushil Modi said, "This regional party cannot compete with it. If people vote for one party in the assembly elections, they vote for the other party in the Lok Sabha so that it will be the election of the Prime Minister and not the Chief Minister".
Meanwhile, he said that the people of the country have chosen the BJP government in 19 states and chose Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister.
"Nitish Kumar's attempt to unite the opposition, which was the rally today, has completely flopped. At that rally, only Nitish Kumar was the Chief Minister who was present, neither Arvind Kejriwal nor Punjab Chief Minister went there, neither KCR nor Mamta Banerjee went, and even the former Chief Minister Mayawati Akhilesh Yadav HD Kumar Swamy did not participate in the rally. It was claimed that people from 17 parties would participate and only 5 parties attended", he said.
Nitish Kumar's campaign is constantly getting a setback. He said, "even KCR has formed a separate front with Kumar Swamy and the rally was his second attempt which failed severely". (ANI)