Syed Zafar Islam to be conferred the 'Daktoor-e-Adab'

ANI | Updated: Apr 15, 2018 14:41 IST

Aligarh (Uttar Pradesh), [India], Apr. 15 (ANI): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) National Secretary and Spokesperson, Syed Zafar Islam, will be felicitated with Urdu Aligarh's">Jamia Urdu Aligarh's (JUA) highest award, the "Daktoor-e-Adab", on the occasion of its Foundation Day on April 16.

The Vice-Chancellor of the institution, Musaid Kidwai, invited Islam as the Chief Guest of the ceremony commemorating the 79th anniversary of JUA's Foundation Day, wherein he will be bestowed upon with the award, whose previous recipients include high-profile names like Indira Gandhi, VP Singh, Dilip Kumar, Dr Zakir Husain, Mahesh Bhatt, etc.

JUA is the first distance education institution in the country which provides education to the deprived classes through Urdu medium since 1939. It has around 1100 centres across the country. The institution is also engaged in modernising the madarsa education in the country.(ANI)