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Telangana CM KCR at the meeting. (Image/ANI)
Telangana CM KCR at the meeting. (Image/ANI)

'Take governance to doorsteps of people': KCR to officials at high-level meet

ANI | Updated: Nov 27, 2022 20:45 IST

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], November 27 (ANI): Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao chaired a high-level meeting on Sunday, saying that the results achieved by the "government machinery, working in coordination with collective spirit, will speed up social development" in the state.
He added that only when the goal of social development is achieved will people, across strata, join as partners in the process of taking the state forward.
Addressing the meeting, the Telangana CM said the "progress achieved in self-rule, which was the result of the Telangana movement, is proof of collective efforts".
The meeting was held at Pragathi Bhawan to review development works undertaken by the Municipal department across the state.
According to a release issued by the government on sunday, the meeting also focused on further improvement of infrastructure in Nizamabad city, development of all sectors for the convenience of the people and beautification of the city.
The chief minister said, "The collective efforts of government employees are encompassed in shaping each sector in the state and getting results per the aspirations of the people. We should not stop being satisfied with what we have achieved and think bigger."
The CM reiterated that government officials should think creatively every day to bring more qualitative progress to people's lives.
"Everybody works as a routine but what matters is how to work better. Think every day how much better you can do tomorrow than yesterday. What is important is how scientifically you live, enjoy and think about work. Only then can we grow higher. Ways should be explored to solve public problems from time to time in innovative methods rather than traditional methods. For that, all the government departments have to work together in coordination," the release quoted the CM as telling officials.
Stressing that development works across the state needs to be pursued as a continuous process, the chief minister added, "Public needs are increasing in tune with growing economic resources and wealth in Telangana. Accordingly, everyone should work together to provide quality facilities for people."
"Today, Telangana has achieved qualitative development in all fields from a situation where there were no minimum facilities in the erstwhile united Andhra Pradesh government. People experienced quality facilities in infrastructure such as agriculture, irrigation, drinking water, electricity, roads, education, medicine etc. The rural economy has achieved qualitative growth. As a result, the purchasing power of the people increased. All sections of Telangana society are becoming economically stronger. All this is possible through the development of Telangana. So, people are expecting more quality services from the government. It is the responsibility of the government officials to provide better quality services to them," the CM said.

He added that the demand for strengthening civic amenities was increasing day by day because of "increased trust of the people in the state government".
"There is a need to maintain the trust of the people with continuous efforts. Government hospitals and other government systems that have not seen public support in the past are receiving colossal popularity today. Reverse migration is taking place in Telangana. Around 30 lakh people migrated to Telangana from neighbouring states for work. Revenues increased and financial resources increased in the self-ruling Telangana state," the release quoted the CM as telling officials at the meeting.
He also directed officials to ensure that "administrative reforms are implemented and governance reaches the doorstep of the people".
"The government machinery should fine-tune its duties and meet the aspirations of the people for increased development. The government machinery should work equally to the increased development," the CM said.
Urging state officials to ensure the completion of government projects 'during the non-rainy season', Rao said, "In the past, the rainy season lasted for only two to three months. Today, the situation has changed. Due to constant rains, the length of construction work has also been reduced. We have to complete all development works within six months during the non-rainy season. The government administration should understand the situation and prepare plans accordingly."
The CM also instructed state officials to make "Nizamabad town wonderful", the release said.
"The development of Nizamabad city, which is on the path of progress, should be more vibrant," Rao told officials at the meeting.
He said works should be completed as planned in two and a half months and he will visit and inspect them.
The CM clarified that there was no shortage of funds for the development of Nizamabad.
In addition to funds already released, the CM also ordered the finance secretary to release more funds required for the development of Nizamabad.
State ministrer and the CM's son KT Rama Rao and fellow cabinet colleague Vemula Prashant Reddy, MLCs Kavitha, Venkataramireddy, Kaushik Reddy, MLAs along with local MLA Bigala Ganesh, Jeevan Reddy, Rohit Reddy, the Municipal department's special chief secretary Arvind Kumar, Nizamabad collector Narayana Reddy, additional collector Chandrasekhar and Municipal Commissioner Chitra, were among the dignitaries at the meeting. (ANI)