Freedom salon in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Photo/ANI
Freedom salon in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Photo/ANI

Tamil Nadu: A 'freedom salon' run by prison inmates in Coimbatore

ANI | Updated: Oct 05, 2019 06:52 IST

Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu) [India], Oct 5 (ANI): With an aim to create self-employment among inmates, Coimbatore prison authorities have set up a 'freedom salon', which is being run by prisoners.
The salon offers haircuts at Rs 50 and ironing of clothes at Rs 5 per cloth and is receiving a good response from the public.
"This kind of initiative can empower the prisoners and create confidence among them. Those lodged in prison, who are waiting for their release, will have an opportunity to help themselves and transform their lives," one of the customers at the salon told ANI on Friday.
Earlier, the prison authorities had introduced a retail store called prison bazar, where various bakery products, handloom textiles oil, soaps among other things made by the prisoners were sold. (ANI)