Tamil Nadu Health Minister Ma Subramanian. (File Photo/ANI)
Tamil Nadu Health Minister Ma Subramanian. (File Photo/ANI)

Tamil Nadu starts Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine inoculation for infants

ANI | Updated: Jul 24, 2021 15:48 IST

Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India], July 24 (ANI): The Tamil Nadu government has started inoculation of infants with Pneumococcal conjugate vaccines, Tamil Nadu health minister Ma Subramanian said on Saturday.
While addressing a press conference here, the health minister informed that the vaccine, which costs about Rs 12,000 at private hospitals, is being administered in government hospitals for free.
"The inoculation process started in Egmore hospital last week. In private hospitals, the cost of this vaccine is Rs 12,000. But it is free in government hospitals. In Egmore children's hospital, the drive has started for five-year-old infants," he said.

The health minister further informed that the vaccine can be taken from the 6th week, 14th week and 9th month.
"Parents will get an SMS from the health department reminding them to take their doses. 9,23,000 children need this vaccine and we will vaccinate all. The government currently has about 7,000 vaccines in stock.
Speaking about the COVID-19 situation of the neighbouring state of Kerala, Subramanian said, "17,000 positive COVID-19 cases were reported in Kerala yesterday despite a reduction in country-wide cases. The Tamil Nadu Health department has reviewed the situation at the TN-Kerala border and increased vigilance at border check posts."
"We have also increased awareness at the border particularly. The Health secretary and I personally visited the neighboring state border and examined the process," he added.
The health minister further said, "On the data released by Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Tamil Nadu has extracted 5.88 lakh extra doses from the allotted vaccine doses by reducing wastage." (ANI)