Teen sisters to take 'sanyas' at Ramdev's initiation fest

ANI | Updated: Mar 22, 2018 05:55 IST

Haridwar [Uttarakhand], Mar 22 (ANI): Two teen sisters will on Thursday take "Deeksha" from Yoga guru Baba Ramdev in an 'initiation' fest organized here in Uttarakhand.

Anjali and Meera will take "Deeksha" on March 25, the last day of the initiation festival, and aim to promote the culture of the country.

According to Anjali, Sanyas in itself is a huge word and helps one inculcate good habits.

"When Babaji told me that I can take Sanyas, I doubted if I will be able to do it or not. For me Sanyas is like leaving your bad habits and inculcating the good ones," she told ANI.

According to Anjali, people generally get married by the age of 22-23 and even she had decided that too, but later on changed her mind and thought of not deviating from this path, not even by mistake.

The two sisters were seen reading Bhagwat Geeta as they spoke about the thousands year old culture of sanyas which seems to be diminishing in the country.

"I have always studied in a hostel and wanted to do something for the country. Then I met Swamiji, he showed me the path, and then I realised that by carrying forward the legacy of Indian culture and tradition, I could benefit India," Meera told ANI.

According to Ramdev, the festival advocates unity and equality in the country.

The Yoga guru will initiate at least 85 people from all caste, creed, gender, and culture, who have read Vedas and called Acharyas.(ANI)