Bussa Savitri, Mother to Bussa Krishna speaking to ANI. Photo/ANI
Bussa Savitri, Mother to Bussa Krishna speaking to ANI. Photo/ANI

Telangana man who worshiped Donald Trump became insomniac when President contracted COVID-19

ANI | Updated: Oct 13, 2020 23:54 IST

Medak (Telangana) [India], October 13 (ANI): A Telangana man, who had made a temple to worship US President Donald Trump, had become insomniac when the President contracted COVID-19 and he later died of cardiac arrest.
According to mother of deceased, Bussa Krishna, a diehard fan of Donald Trump has been worshiping him for the last four years and after knowing that Trump has contracted COVID-19, Kishna was not keeping well.
Bussa Savitri, mother to Bussa Krishna speaking to ANI said, "For past four years, my son had been worshipping United States President Donald Trump. It all started when he had a dream of Donald Trump. He then built a US President's statue at Jangaon of Warangal, where we previously stayed. Few days ago, he learned that Donald Trump tested COVID-19 positive, after which he was in a deep shock. He was starving, spending sleepless nights and praying for Trump's recovery. On Saturday night, he was awake till late night and slept in the morning hours. He woke up around 11 am and collapsed. We rushed him to the nearest hospital immediately but the doctors said that he had died due to cardiac arrest."
According to mother-in-law of Krishna, he called her and told that he was not feeling well as Trump's health was not good.
"He called up one day and asked me for some money for construction of temple in the name of Trump and he built a statue of Trump in it to worship Trump whom he considered as a god. He even told that Trump will take care of his son. Later he invited me for the inauguration of the temple he constructed," M Jaya said.

"He had been performing prayers for last four years. He called me last month and told me he was feeling sad and not able to eat anything as Trump was not keeping well. Five days back I received a call that he was not keeping well and on Sunday I got to know that he is no more," added Jaya.
Meanwhile, Ashok, Uncle of deceased said, "He was a healthy person but he became weak since he heard the news of Trump not keeping well. He was worried, spent sleepless nights and was mentally stressed even though Trump was tested negative. He was going paranoid about Trump's condition and suddenly on Sunday between 11.00 and 11.30 he died due to cardiac arrest."
"His aim was that US President Donald Trump should stay healthy and be America's President for the next term and with that he started fasting. From last six months he was trying to go USA. When he asked us for financial support we told him that we will give once he gets visa. He tried to meet Trump when he came to Delhi and Gujarat but unfortunately he couldn't meet," added Ashok.
Speaking to ANI, Dr Pradeep Simha, Managing director of Sushma Hospital, Tupran said "Bussa Krishna Raju's family resides near my hospital and I know them for a long period. They sought my advice one week ago as Bussa Krishna was not eating properly and was insomniac. When asked for the reason he stated that 'America's President was tested positive for Corona'."
"As he was a young man I asked Krishna's family to give some good food and make him understand that corona is a common thing now and Trump will get well soon. He suffered with hypotension and then cardiac arrest occurred. His family members got him here immediately. We tried our best but could not save him. He stopped all the solid food and was on liquid diet. For last three day, he stopped taking liquids too. His body was dehydrated when I saw him. With this it was clear that he had hypotension and cardiac arrest," said Dr Pradeep. (ANI)