A Pet owner feeds her pet dog at the third edition of Pet Fed Mumbai in Juhu, Maharashtra.
A Pet owner feeds her pet dog at the third edition of Pet Fed Mumbai in Juhu, Maharashtra.

Third edition of two-day 'Pet Fed Mumbai' held in Juhu

ANI | Updated: Jan 12, 2020 18:03 IST

Maharashtra [India], Jan 12 (ANI): The third edition of India's biggest pet show 'Pet Fed Mumbai' started in Juhu on Saturday where a large number of people participated along with their pets.
The two-day festival which started on January 11 will be concluded today at 9 pm and witnessed 818 pet dogs and cats of different breeds, many people with and without pets were welcomed there in the programme.
"Pet Fed is India's biggest pet festival where people visit the venue with there pets, we have organised the festivals in three cities Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru and we are want to organise further in Chandigarh, Pune and Ahamadabad," Akshay Gupta, founder of Pet Fed said.
"I didn't have much interest in studies though I have completed my graduation from Hindu College I wanted to start something of my own so I thought that there is every type of event in India be it food, music, comics but none for pets then I executed this idea," he added.
"I like to stay backstage as I am not the centre of attraction but as long as pets are enjoying and people are enjoying I am happy, we have brought many exotic breeds too," Gupta told ANI.
People who visited the Pet Fed Mumbai enjoyed all the attraction presented there and fed there pets too.
"I am very amazed to see that something is happening for the pets at this level, I have been to many pet fairs like in Versova, the house where you have the monthly or annual meets, but this is something amazing I have witnessed for the first time and I wish my other was alive I would bring him here he was bigger dog that I have right now," Minty, a visitor said.
Dev, another visitor at the event with his cat Bella said, "I was moved by the picture of this cat when she was little and at that she was in Bengaluru and I brought her by plane, I was not sure in the first cat show to bring her or not but when I did, she gave me three cat shows continuously and won many trophies in first cat show, it is not very common to pet a cat but cat shows encourage people to pet them and gives chance to see how much cats are friendly."
The venue offered fun activities like international cat show, fashion show, food & drinks. The event had a set up of adoption camp and over a hundred stalls for pets. (ANI)