Children practising self-defence in a Madarasa in Aligarh on Monday. Photo/ANI
Children practising self-defence in a Madarasa in Aligarh on Monday. Photo/ANI

This Aligarh Madarasa teaches self-defence to children of mob violence victims

ANI | Updated: Oct 08, 2019 08:35 IST

Aligarh (Uttar Pradesh) [India], Oct 8 (ANI): A Madarasa in Aligarh is imparting self-defence education to several children who lost their parents in incidents of the mob violence.
As many as six children between the age of six to 12 years, all residents of Alwar district of Rajasthan, are being trained in a number of martial arts forms including Boxing, Kick Boxing, Busho Kai and Karate at Chacha Nehru Madarasa in the city.
"We train boys and girls in the training academy in several martial art forms. We have six children of mob lynching victims who participate very enthusiastically in whatever martial art form we teach them. These kids are very bright," school trainer Azizurrahman said.
According to school principal Rashid Ali, the children were brought to the academy by a student of city-based Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) who is surveying the condition of the children of mob lynching victims.
"The man went to their homes in Alwar and persuaded their guardians to send them for self-defence training. He brought them to us and we admitted them here. We train them like any other student of the school," he said.
The main aim of training these children in self-defence, the principal said, is to instil a sense of confidence and channelise their energy in a positive direction. "We try to help them forget what happened with their fathers and come out of mental trauma through martial arts and music," Ali said.
Ikran, one of such children, said, "I have been learning a martial art for the last one year. It includes Boxing, Kick Boxing, Karate etc. I enjoy very much."
His brother Sahil also expressed a desire to become a player to play for the country. (ANI)