This candidates is performing Garba to woo voters

ANI | Updated: Dec 08, 2017 19:09 IST

Vadodara (Gujarat) [India], December 08 (ANI): Gujarat has become talk of the country with the assembly polls round the corner.

But when we think of Gujarat, our minds run straight to images of large variety of scrumptious food and the fun-filled regional folk dance 'Garba'.

As political parties and leaders opt for different approaches to woo voters during their election campaigns, one of the best ways to win the people of Gujarat is by opting for an amalgamation of food and Garba.

The Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) candidate Seema Mohile has managed to strike the chord by choosing to perform Garba as part of her campaign in Vadodara on Friday.

Mohile, who is contesting from Akota, was seen matching steps with a group of 15-20 women as they perform Garba on the beats of a dhol.

While traditionally Garba is performed during the nine-day Navaratri festivities in the state, the scene in Vadodara was not less than that of a festival.

More and more women were visibly seen joining other ladies in the group as they enjoyed themselves performing their favourite folk dance with the Mohile.

Local women were also seen showering flowers on Mohile as she continues dancing with other women.

Talking to ANI, Mohile said, "Garba is a tradition of Gujarat. It is performed during every celebration. This is also a festival for the BJP. Going amidst the people and performing Garba to raise their enthusiasm is our intention. This boosts the people's morale and brings enthusiasm in the ladies."

"Just like you feel patriotic whenever you say 'Bharat Mata ki Jai' or 'Vande Materam', in the same way performing Garba brings a positive energy and enthusiasm among the people. Garba is considered a power and the power of the ladies is with me. They also feel they are associated with me," she added.

Mohile said she went ahead with this sort of campaign as the women associated with the campaign wanted to start it by performing Garba.

Pooja Trivedi, who also performed alongside Mohile, said, "During elections, if one performs Garba right from the start, a positive energy flushes our body, which in turns adds for to create positive campaign. This is why Garba was performed."

Later, Mohile was also seen going door-to-door, interacting with women and asking them to vote for her. (ANI)