“Shelter Trust” run by Solomon Raj is home to 45 HIV positive Children in Chennai
“Shelter Trust” run by Solomon Raj is home to 45 HIV positive Children in Chennai

This Chennai man is father to 45-HIV positive children

ANI | Updated: Jun 09, 2019 16:00 IST

Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India], June 9 (ANI): Forty-Five HIV positive children abandoned by their families have found a home in the "Shelter Trust" run by Solomon Raj, popularly referred to as "Appa" (father) by them.
Raj claims that good work gives him great satisfaction, especially when these children refer him as 'Appa".
In the shelter home, the needy are provided with every facility ranging from education, medical care, training in crafts, arts, dance and working knowledge of computers etc.
Many of them have been enrolled in Class XI and Class XII and seven of them even pursuing their graduation in various streams.
Solomon said that he was inspired to help the HIV positive children as even after 8 years into his marriage he had no child and he wanted to adopt an HIV positive child who is in need.
"When we were planning to adopt a child, we had a biological child and the matter of adopting a child in need was put to rest for some time. However, it always made me feel guilty that I have not adopted an HIV positive child that I always wanted to. Hence, I adopted the first HIV positive child and it continued," said Solomon.
"Now I am a father to 45 HIV positive children and it gives me great satisfaction when they call me 'Appa'. There are many financial problems as there are expenses on their health, education etc. These children have health issues and the condition turns serious anytime," he said.
An HIV positive girl who is in class XI said that she wants to become a doctor and help others.
"I came here in 2016. I want to become a doctor and help other children. HIV positive children are in no way less than normal children," she said. (ANI)