This Naga woman promotes organic personal care products in Delhi

By Vangamla Salle K S (ANI) | Updated: Jul 02, 2018 18:47 IST

New Delhi, July 2 (ANI): Worthingla Zimik, who hails from Ukhrul district of Manipur, is making headway in eco-friendly skin products using purely organic herbs from the state.
Worthingla, under her brand name 'Zimik', has now embarked on a journey as a herbalist and a promoter of healthy living, produces organic blend skin products in New Delhi.
She specializes in making personal care products and toiletries like soap, shampoo, facial wash cream and shower gel by using organic herbs, which are brought from the interior parts of Ukhrul.
"From Delhi, I got some of the paste used on my products. But the herbs which are grown organically are imported from home (Manipur). I wanted to support those farmers who are in remote areas back at home, so I contacted some of my relatives and now they supply me the organic herbs from time to time" said Worthingla Zimik, Owner, Zimik Soap Studio.
However, success did not come easily for this young woman entrepreneur.
Post pregnancy, Worthingla contemplated for an alternate job where she could also take care of her toddler and manage her household while at the same time, continue working.
With her sheer dedication, passion and unconditional support from her husband, she went on to become an entrepreneur. She underwent training on the skin and cosmetic product before she went on to create the Craft and Social Development Organisation in 2016 in New Delhi.
"After having a baby, I was unable to continue my job. So I started to think of doing something at home while looking after my baby at the same time. So, finally, I got the idea of learning the skin products and manufacture it at home. And eventually, I finished the training in skin products making within two years in Delhi," she added.
When enquired about the reason behind the brand name, the clad young entrepreneur informed that even though she is married to another family now, to express her love and respect towards her family lineage, she chooses to use the maiden surname as her brand name.
Branding is done by Creatgraph team, products of Zimik soap studio, which opened in 2018, have now slowly penetrated in the markets of the city like few selected stores in the Safdarjung areas in south Delhi. This rich in vitamins and essential oils blended with natural infused fragrance products are also available in GG Bed and Breakfast Inn.
These personalised soaps come into two types such as Cold Process Soap and Melt and Pour Soap, both contain organic herbs like ginger, home-made turmeric and cow dung apart from rose petal, rosemary and lavender paste.
The overall process of making the Cold Process Soap takes at least one and a half month as it demands a longer period of time for saponification process from the silicon mould to form the soap, whereas Melt and Pour Soap takes only 24 hours in making.
Moreover, keeping in mind the environmental issues and health conscious, Zimik Hair shampoos are specially made from organic Brahmi leaf or Centella Asiatica, gooseberry, lemon and aloe vera.
However, one of the unique kinds of shampoos for hair fall therapy is made out of nettle leaf and of late the demands are on high from the users.
Apart from living her passions, this flight attendant-turned-woman entrepreneur is also helping out the downtrodden people and has pledged to give 10% of the profits to one of the orphanages based in Ukhrul town.
Worthingla firmly believes that though it is a small contribution, it will bring a smile to the faces of the orphan kids and build hopes for brighter tomorrow.
During the course of time, she also aims to train young girls especially from the remote areas and strive to transform their lives through such sustainable livelihood programme.
At the same time, she plans to expand her business in other parts of the country and generate employment opportunities for the youths.
Her humble beginning and success story has not only inspired young girls from the region but also motivated and encouraged married women to live up to their dreams. (ANI)