Prime Minister, Narendra Modi addressing the Lok Sabha on Thursday
Prime Minister, Narendra Modi addressing the Lok Sabha on Thursday

Those who looted the nation will have to ‘fear’ me: Modi

ANI | Updated: Feb 07, 2019 22:40 IST

New Delhi, Feb 7 (ANI) Asserting that his government will continue to have zero tolerance towards black money, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said those who looted the country will have to “fear” him and those who fled will be brought back.
Replying to a debate in Lok Sabha on the motion of thanks to the President’s address, he alleged that the previous UPA government had allowed looting of banks because of which Non-Performing Assets had increased.
He said the Congress leaders were trying to claim the legacy of Baba Ambedkar but he had once said that “joining Congress would be like committing suicide.”
“On black money, we are committed to zero tolerance even now,” the Prime Minister asserted.
“Chor looteron ko darr khatam ho gaya tha. Ab unko darna padega (Looters had no fear. Now they will have to fear). That is why people gave mandate to me,” Modi said.
“Those who looted, will have to be scared. Desh ko lootne walon ko Modi darata rahega (Modi scares those who loot the country),” he added.
The Prime Minister then apparently referred to liquor baron Vijay Mallya who faces loan default charges to the tune of Rs 9,000 crore and is in the UK right now.
“Jo baag gaye hain, woh Twitter pe ro rahe hain. (Those who fled, are crying on Twitter). They are saying that their liability is only Rs 9000 crore and but Modi has seized his property worth Rs 13000 crore,” he said.
Such a tweet was posted by Mallya a few days back.
“You allowed the loot, we are bringing them back,” Modi told the Congress in veiled reference to Mallya whose extradition to India has been approved by the UK Home Office.
He said his government was not scared of going after the corrupt as he has “no liability” unlike some others in the opposition who have “involvement” somewhere or else.
“I want to assure the nation through the Parliament that we are not going back on this (fighting corruption). There are challenges, obstructions but more the obstructions, more will be our determination,” he said.
Talking about demonetisation, he said three lakh companies were closed down after that.
He added that 20,000 foreign-funded organisations also closed down their shops in India after letters were sent to them asking from where they receive finances and where they spent those. “These organisations used to influence every aspect of life from village to judiciary,” Modi said, and asked the Congress, “How did you allow this?”
He said some of these organisations are “trying to re-enter using other names”.
Referring to Narmada dam project in Gujarat, he said it too was being opposed by “foreign-funded NGO” but he got it completed.
“Fifty years of ‘satta bhog’ (power) has spoiled their (Congress) habits. To insult everyone is in their nature,” he said.
Responding to opposition digs, he said if former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee had more allies, the nation would have reached great heights of development.
He then went on to attack some parties which were earlier with the NDA but now are with the UPA.
“Some were with us but they cheated,” he said. (ANI)