Those who worsened farmers' condition mocking at our loan waiver: Adityanath

ANI | Updated: Sep 29, 2017 13:10 IST

Gorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh) [India], Sep 29 (ANI): Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Friday hit out at the Oppostion for criticising the state's loan waiver to the farmers and said those who worsened the condition of farmers are mocking about it.

In an exclusive interview to ANI, the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister also talked about various issues including, Centre's economic policy, Ram Temple issue and the controversial Gorakhpur BRD Hospital tragedy.

Blaming the Congress, Samajawadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) for the farmers' miserable condition, Adityantah said, "Those who have worsened the condition of farmers are mocking our government's farm loan waiver. The loan amounting to Rs.10000 to Rs. 1 lakh of more than 12,56,000 farmers is waived off. The Congress, SP and BSP are equally responsible for the poor condition of the farmers."

Talking about the Ram Mandir issue, the Chief Minister said the matter is sentimental but the court is the ultimate decision maker.

"Construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya is attached with the sentiment of people but the matter is sub-judice. We must wait for the verdict. However, we can't overlook significance of Ayodhya. Crore of Hindus consider Ayodhya as a symbol of belief," he added.

Talking about the law and order condition in the state, he stressed the maintaining rule of law is state government's priority and added that previous government criminalised the politics for their own benefit.

"Unfortunately, the previous government for its political benefit criminalised the politics and gave entry to some criminals in the politics. Crime was an industry for Samjawadi Party and BSP. They could not succeed in establishing industries so they did industrialization of crime. Rule of law in the state is our priority. Nobody is allowed to take law in his or her hand. If you abduct anyone or open fire at the police then police will also counter attack," he added.

The Chief Minister also discussed the economic policy of India, and said the steps taken by the Centre to improve the economic condition of the country are hailed by the entire nation.

"The whole nation appreciated the steps taken by the Centre to improve the economic condition of the country. We have witnessed swiftness in the economy of India. India is the fastest growing economy today," he said.

He further said that introduction of demonetisation was a courageous step for economy and an attack on corruption and black marketing.

"In India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's leadership is great and that is why the demonetisation was implemented successfully. The Goods and Services Tax (GST) can be implemented only by an efficient leadership. GST is a boon for state like Uttar Pradesh. Its results will be positive and in the national interest in the coming days," he added.

Talking about the Gorakhpur BRD Hospital tragedy in which over 70 infants were died because of encephalitis, the Chief Minister said the deaths cannot be overlooked.

Aditynath, however, slammed the Opposition for creating hue and cry over it and asked them to introspect.

"The deaths cannot be overlooked. We have taken a strict action against it. We won't tolerate negligence from people who are at a responsible position. Can you tell name of single hospital where death of patient didn't happen. The doctors can make efforts at his level, the government can provide facilities," he said.

"When we compare the death records of the year 2015 and 2017, we can find that death records are less in the current year. The Opposition does not have any topic to discuss. The Congress BSP and SP should introspect the steps they took when they were in power," he added. (ANI)