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Abhiuday, a tourist at the Chadar Trek in Ladakh. (Photo/ANI)
Abhiuday, a tourist at the Chadar Trek in Ladakh. (Photo/ANI)

Tourists visit 'Chadar trek' in Ladakh to experience a fun-filled, chilly vacation

ANI | Updated: Jan 29, 2021 14:55 IST

Ladakh (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], January 29 (ANI): A large number of tourists visited 'Chadar trek' on the frozen Zanskar river in Ladakh on Thursday to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience filled with difficulties and delights.
The tourists came to experience an enjoyable walk on the frozen river which is also known by its traditional name 'Chadar Trek.'
Despite the dip in mercury, the tourists have not been deterred to enjoy the experience of a lifetime.
Experiencing the adventure here, Abhiuday, a tourist said that he has come to 'Chadar trek' after being recommended by his friend.
"My friend recommended me to experience the trek once. I am very happy that I came here, I would have regretted for the lifetime if I did not listen to him," Abhiuday told ANI.

He further said that it was almost a one-time experience because people barely think to visit a place that has a temperature of around minus 35 degrees Celsius.

"I urge people to come and visit the trek as this is the only source of income for the people living here," he urged.
Other locals who came from Madhya Pradesh and Ahmadabad said that they experienced difficulties in walking on the ice and due to the chilled weather. Despite the hurdles, it was a one-time experience, they said.
People who want to experience 'Chadar trek' need to take rest for at least 24 hours followed by medical check-ups. Around 40 to 50 trekkers are allowed each day for the trek at a time.
The frozen river is located at an altitude of 11,400 feet. (ANI)