TRS leader, K.T. Rama Rao (Photo ANI)
TRS leader, K.T. Rama Rao (Photo ANI)

TRS believes in decisive policies, not divisive politics, says KT Rama Rao

ANI | Updated: Nov 25, 2020 20:51 IST

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], November 25 (ANI): The Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) party believes in decisive policies, not divisive politics and the people should think what the BJP and Congress have done all these years, Kalvakuntla Taraka Rama Rao, Minister of Municipal Administration and Urban Development and TRS leader, told ANI on Wednesday.
KT Rama Rao said, "National Democratic Alliance (NDA) does not like talking on local topics. Upon asking them what they had done for the last six years, NDA had no answer. Spreading primordial emotions, religious passion and communal hatred are what they are banking upon. In Baldia Municipality elections, they talked about Akbar, Osama-bin-Laden and Babur. Are they voters in Hyderabad? Why are we talking about them? Also, talking about surgical strikes is senseless. It is usually done on an enemy nation. Who is the enemy here? The leaders of the opposition parties have completely lost their senses. They speak nonsense just for the sake of votes."
He said, "BJP says that there are Rohingya refugees and Pakistanis in the city and these people are illegally infiltrating into the city. If this is what they think, then what are the home minister and defence minister of India doing?"

He further added, "BJP is a master in bluffing. They say that TRS and AIMIM party are together, but let me say that we just support them on issues which we feel is beneficial for the public and their constructive decisions like we supported BJP on various issues. We supported them during electing Vice-President and many other issues where there has been a constructive decision for solving an issue. TRS and AIMIM have never fought elections hand in hand."
He mentioned, "Opposition has been alleging that TRS is playing family politics, but if a family is being supported by the people, then what problem does the opposition party have? BJP does play nepotism politics as most of the family members of BJP leaders are in high positions either in various states or at the centre. So, in that sense, BJP doesn't have any right to talk about this issue as they also follow family politics."
"I would like to appeal to the people of Hyderabad to think whether there has been any development in the city and if yes then who was responsible for it. TRS is going win this GHMC election with absolute majority," he added.
Speaking on the issue of "Love Jihaad", Rao said that he doesn't take interest in this issue.
"I like to focus on the important issues, like providing proper food, shelter, roads and power supply to all. Issues like Love-Jihaad do not feed anyone," he added. (ANI)