TRS leader Krishank speaking to ANI on Thursday. (Photo/ANI)
TRS leader Krishank speaking to ANI on Thursday. (Photo/ANI)

TRS leader hits out at Congress, says no increase in slab price in electricity bills

ANI | Updated: Jun 12, 2020 00:42 IST

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], June 12 (ANI): TRS leader Krishank has accused the Congress of trying to do politics over electricity bills saying there is no increase in slab price.
"The Congress party is doing politics by provoking and confusing people. The Telangana government has explained clearly on electricity bills," he said.
He said it was not possible for the electricity bill collectors to go each house and give bills during the coronavirus-induced lockdown.
"There is no increase in slab price for consumers," he said.
The TRS leader said that Minister for Municipal Administration and Urban Development, Industry and Commerce, Information Technology KT Rama Rao had tweeted about it and requested the Energy Minister and electricity officials to look into the issue and see that the consumers were not troubled.
He said there is also a possibility of consumers paying these bills in instalments and noted that few consumers got the bills based on previous years consumption for March and April.
"So doing politics against this and provoking people by doing strikes is really risking their lives. Congress party should understand that doing unnecessary politics over this while we are under Epidemic Disease Act where no one is allowed to do dharnas and protests and for this reason they have been arrested," he said.
Telangana Police placed the leaders of Congress under house arrest over their "chalo secretariat'' call concerning electricity bills.
Krishank said that the Telangana government does not want to trouble the consumers and "will see how the consumers will be benefited". (ANI)