Former Indian Ambassador to Greece and Cuba speaking to ANI on Monday. (Photo/ANI)
Former Indian Ambassador to Greece and Cuba speaking to ANI on Monday. (Photo/ANI)

Trump will join Modi in Houston to 'show' support for Indian-Americans ahead of 2020 election: Former Indian envoy

ANI | Updated: Sep 16, 2019 14:14 IST

New Delhi [India], Sept 16 (ANI): Former Indian Ambassador to Greece and Cuba, Dr Bhaskar Balakrishnan, on Monday said that President Donald Trump will be joining Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the 'Howdy, Modi!' event in Houston to 'show' his support for the Indian-Americans ahead of the 2020 US presidential elections.
Balakrishnan further said that along with Trump other US senators and Congressmen might also visit Houston. So, there is a 'competition' for the Indian-American votes between both sides of the political spectrum of the US.
"Ahead of 2020 US presidential election, Donald Trump wants to show his support for the Indian-Americans. Whenever PM Modi visits the US and addresses the Indian community, a lot of Congressmen and senators turn up from both sides. They do expect that by being seen with Modi at these forums they will attract some voters from the Indian community. So, I think Trump's appearance in Houston during the event is a part of that," said Balakrishnan.
He added that this was a big development. "PM Modi's meetings with the Indian community in the US have always been big events. This has been noticed by all the political parties and politicians in the US," he said.
According to the Office of the Press Secretary, White House's statement: "On Sunday, September 22, 2019, President Donald J Trump will travel to Houston, Texas, and Wapakoneta, Ohio, to underscore the important partnerships between the United States and India, and Australia. In Houston, President Trump will participate in an event with Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India."
Over 50,000 people have registered for PM Modi's address at the NRG Stadium in Houston on September 22.
The event titled 'Howdy, Modi!' is being hosted by the Texas India Forum. The summit, with the theme of "Shared Dreams, Bright Futures", will highlight the contributions of Indian-Americans in enriching the American life for the last seven decades as well as the key role they have played in strengthening relations between the two nations.
The White House said that the event will be providing a great opportunity to emphasize the strong ties between the US and India. (ANI)