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Telangana Minister K. Taraka Rama Rao (Image Source: Twitter)
Telangana Minister K. Taraka Rama Rao (Image Source: Twitter)

'TSbPass' a Building Permission Approval and Self Certification system launched by Telangana Minister KTR

ANI | Updated: Nov 16, 2020 23:24 IST

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], November 16 (ANI): Telangana Minister K. Taraka Rama Rao inaugurated TSbPass (Telangana State Building Permission Approval and Self Certification System) in Hyderabad on Monday.
The Minister handed over permits to many who have obtained building permits under the self-certification process.
Telangana MA&UD Minister KTR said, "We have brought various administrative reforms after the formation of Telangana state. 43 per cent of the population of Telangana is in urban areas. Telangana State Chief Minister, on the one hand, creating infrastructure in towns, on the other hand, Chief Minister KCR has undertaken several reforms to provide better services to the people through decentralization of power."
"Accordingly, districts, revenue divisions, Mandals and gram panchayats have been formed. Inspired by the fact that billions of rupees can be saved by enacting laws that benefit the people, we are bringing in new laws like land registration process that took months in the past are now being done through the Dharani portal in a highly transparent manner," he said.

He said, Telangana government laws and policies are followed by many states along with Central Government.
"With this policy, approvals can be obtained instantly through self-certification. Permission for 75 yards to 600 yards can be obtained by self-certification. The government has the power to demolish buildings without any notice in case of false certification contrary to government regulations. We hope all the people will follow the footsteps of the government as confidently as it has given all of you the opportunity for self-certification," KTR said.
"Increasing urbanization, recurrence of floods due to lack of regularization and planned development. Hence we are going to include some strict provisions for planned development in the new GHMC Act. We have already introduced new laws like Municipal, Panchayati Raj, Revenue. We are going to bring in new GHMC Act soon," he said.
"The TSbPass Act and Policy brought by the Government of Telangana at present is going to stand as the best building permit process in the Country. No other metro city has as bright future as Hyderabad in the real estate sector. We will bring further changes and additions in the TSBbPass if required based on the feedback you give. Congratulations to all the municipal officials who worked hard to bring in the TSbPass," he said.
Minister KTR appealed to real estate firms to maintain this positivity as the city of Hyderabad already has houses at affordable prices. He also appealed to people, real estate community to make extensive use of TSbPass. (ANI)