Tuirial to get Solid Waste Resource Management Centre soon

ANI | Updated: Feb 22, 2018 19:49 IST

Tuirial (Mizoram) [India], Feb 22 (ANI):In a major thrust towards protecting and preserving the environment and to curb the menace of growing health hazards due to pollution, the Mizoram Government has begun construction work for the first Solid Waste Resource Management Centre at Tuirial in the state.

The Solid Waste Resource Management centre in Tuirial is proposed to provide the basic infrastructure of proper road access, fence, office, stores, workers rooms, toilet facilities for staffs etc.

To protect the rich green cover in the Northeastern state of Mizoram from growing toxic air pollution, the state government has rolled out the construction of resource management centre, which would help in keeping aside all the unsustainable solid waste management practices, including open building and landfill fires, that have over the years caused damage to the green environment apart from affecting public health.

India's northeastern region is said to be blessed with abundant natural resources and rich green cover but the growing problem of global warming and hazardous pollution is resulting in loss of green cover in the region.

Unmanaged solid waste has always remained a major environmental issue and has a large impact on public health. The waste generated from industries, hospitals and other areas has deteriorated the environment. Unsustainable solid waste management practices, including open land burning, landfills, biomass burning; dumping in open fields, etc, are also responsible for adverse climatic conditions.

The residents are happy as reusing and recycling of non-degradable wastes will also be done in the Solid Waste Resource Management Centre.

"For Aizawl city, solid waste resource management centre is being constructed. It is very good to have this, and it will be the first resource management in India. We feel very privileged to have this kind of resource management centre," said a resident.

The construction work of the centre has commenced under the aegis of North Eastern Regional capital cities development implementation programme. The solid waste resource management centre or the integrated landfill facility will require around 23026 sq.m of the area to accommodate the landfillable waste for five years in Aizawl.

It is worth mentioning that the work for construction of the Municipal Solid Waste Management Centre was undertaken so as to replace the existing dumping ground with a new one, which will be safer for the people and the environment. Moreover, the dumping ground at Tuirial where all the waste from Aizawl City is being dumped is set to be closed soon and the commissioning of the new centre is more likely to take place at the end of December this year.

"After they finished this, they will close the Tuirial dumping ground and they will start managing wastes in a scientific way. I think with the completion of this, the air pollution will be less to some extent and our environment will be protected," said Andrew, a resident.

Also, construction of Vermicompost plant and Mechanical compost plant for recycling decomposable wastes are on the card. Bringing in such improvement with the establishment of resource management centre in the landlocked state of Mizoram will help to create a healthy environment and managing the municipal solid wastes in the most advanced and scientific way.

The construction of the centre is underway and collection, treatment; composting, and disposal of wastes will be done with scientific approach once the construction gets over. (ANI)