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Two sisters donate 'half of their livers' to save their only brother, all three recuperating and leading a normal life

ANI | Updated: Aug 21, 2021 18:44 IST

New Delhi, August 21: A 14-year-old underwent a dual lobe liver transplant. However, what makes it rare and the country's first case is the involvement of sisters by giving half of their livers to save their brother's life.
This unique surgery was carried out at Medanta Hospital, Gurugram. The family belongs from Budaun in Uttar Pradesh.
Akshat, the patient was fighting for his life over a month ago and was terminally ill with a liver failure resulting in deep jaundice. He was in a pre-coma state.
The case was made even more complex since the patient was overweight, weighing around 92 kilograms. While two of his sisters were eligible donors, they were both much lighter.
Also, one of the sisters was put up in Italy when the operation had to take place.
Dr Arvinder Soin, Chairperson, Medanta Liver Transplant Institute and Chief Surgeon in the case told ANI, "The most challenging part of this surgery was the planning, because we knew that we have to fit two halves of two livers into one child. The technical aspect of this surgery was very challenging. And definitely, we were under the pressure that all three should do well."
Dr Soin further added, "One of the risk factors leading to such failures is obesity that has a direct correlation with junk foods."

Post-surgery, Akshat recuperated well and is leading a normal life like other children. His weight was down to 68 kilograms.
"After such donations, the liver of the donor grows back to the normal size within two to two and a half months and the half liver that goes in the patient also grows back. This is because the liver has an amazing capacity of regeneration," said the chief surgeon of this operation.
For a successful transplant, it is essential that the newly transplanted liver weighs at least 0.8 to 1 per cent of the patient's body weight. In this case, a single donor liver half weighed only 0.5 to 0.55 per cent of Akshat's weight. Hence two liver halves were needed to make up the required liver volume.
Dr Neelam Mohan, Director, Pediatric Liver Diseases and Transplantation, Medanta Hospital said,
"While the patient's sisters were eligible donors, the situation required both of them to donate portions of their livers. While the initial period of recovery in ICU was complex for the patient, eventually all the three siblings recovered well."
Dr Naresh Trehan, Chairperson and Managing Director, Medanta Hospital, said, "This is a unique example showcasing the power of organ donation to save lives. It draws our attention to the fact that any healthy person can save a loved one's life by donating half of their liver or a single kidney without suffering any harm.''
The hospital as well Akshat's family are delighted and stated that on the eve of Raksha Bandhan, this case will add to the bonding between brother and sisters. (ANI)