Ukhrul to celebrate Hampai Festival 2018

ANI | Updated: Jan 20, 2018 17:23 IST

Ukhrul (Manipur) [India], Jan 20 (ANI): To promote, preserve and reinvigorate the culture of the Tangkhul Naga community in Manipur, a cultural festival named 'Loree Luita Phanit cum Hampai Festival', will be celebrated at Longpi Kajui village of the state's Ukhrul district between January 28 and 30.

The theme of the festival is- 'Embracing our Heritage'. The festival is considered one of the biggest indigenous festivals of the Tangkhul community.

The main attractions include- folk songs and folk dances, various traditional sports competitions like wrestling, tug of war, and spear throwing.

Also, beautiful Longpi pots and decorative showpieces made from bamboo are exhibited during the festival. Locally brewed rice beer, with different flavours, are also prepared by the Tangkhul community.

Each year, visitors from across the country throng the village and experience the most fun-filled activities of the indigenous event.

Longpi Kajui remains one of the few villages in the state where the generations-old festival is still celebrated with adherence to indigenous and traditional rituals.

National Highway 202 passes through the village. Travelling to Longpi Kajui from Ukhrul is an experience in itself.

The remote village, located 37 km away from Ukhrul town, is famous for its black pottery craft that adorn many households.

With a unique mixture of serpentinite stone and clay, Longpi black pots (locally known as Hampai) are known for their sheen and durability. The village has some well-known potters who are awarded at state and national level by the government for their pottery crafts. (ANI)