Several youngsters had their body painted in Barasat to address unemployment and education in West Bengal.
Several youngsters had their body painted in Barasat to address unemployment and education in West Bengal.

Unique bodypaintings demanding employment, education dominate PM Modi's rally in Barasat

By Ujjwal Roy | Updated: Apr 12, 2021 21:35 IST

Barasat (West Bengal) [India], April 12 (ANI): As the battle for West Bengal intensifies, impressive body paintings have gained far more popularity than banners and hoardings during the ongoing assembly elections.
Body painters, who with their meticulous artistry are painting political symbols, leaders' faces and slogans, said that there is a craze among youth to send a message through body paintings.
However, in Prime Minister Narendra's Modi's public meeting in Barasat on Monday, unique body paintings were on display which highlighted messages like unemployment, demand for jobs and the requirement for industries.
Speaking to ANI, Mithun Mondal, a volunteer who got his body painted with slogans, said: "We want West Bengal to reach new heights. We want 'poriborton' (change). The people of Bengal have become alert. In the coming days, we will see 'development'."

Tarak Das, an artist, remarked that the 'book of democracy' which has been taught by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, is now being used as a brick to be hurled at the military, police and the public.
"This is all just a conspiracy and the youth have no jobs. They are shown the dream of employment by persuading them to pelt stones and bricks. Democracy cannot run in this manner. We strongly condemn this," he told ANI.
Accusing Mamata of fooling the youth, Das said that there has been rampant misgovernance in education and the administration and that the colours and brushes of the artists were a way to highlight to growing corruption in the state.
"The double engine government will come here. Youth will get employment and Bengal will see happiness," he said.
The artist also said that PM Modi's achievements cannot be seen by a minister who is engulfed in corruption.

Speaking to ANI, Gopal Chandra Naskar, another bodypainting artist, said that they wanted to address the issues of education, artistes and employment through this unique initiative.
"When Mamata came to power, she got rid of the 'pass-fail' system, which means breaking the spine of our society and Bengal. For those of us who have completed higher education, there is no employment management. We have been repeatedly asking for jobs," he said.
Naskar lamented that educated youth of the state are moving to other states and said that a new era of 'Sonar Bangla' has to be introduced here.

"Didi is shutting down all institutions and is destroying the society by giving false promises to the people. If this continues, our education and culture will fall several years behind the world," the artist added.
Four phases of the eight-phased assembly elections in West Bengal have already taken place and the upcoming phase will commence on April 17. The counting of votes will take place on May 2. (ANI)