Bhojan Bank Sewa Samiti volunteer feeding poor and needy in Kanpur (Photo/ANI)
Bhojan Bank Sewa Samiti volunteer feeding poor and needy in Kanpur (Photo/ANI)

UP: Kanpur organisation feeds 1.5k needy every Sunday, aspires to make it daily affair

ANI | Updated: Sep 24, 2019 20:26 IST

Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh) [India], Sept 24 (ANI): As part of a social initiative to ensure food for all, a city-based charitable trust has started a campaign where they dedicate one day of the week to collecting the food from different donors and distributing it to those who cannot afford regular meals.
Named as Bhojan Bank Sewa Samiti, the organisation currently distributes meal every Sunday, however, is planning to make it a regular affair.
"We collect food from our volunteers and donors to distribute it among the poor and needy in different areas of the city every Sunday. We currently feed over 1,500 people and are working to make it a daily practice," one of the volunteers Akshay Bhadoria told ANI on Tuesday.
Among the volunteers of the group are doctors, police officers, students, and officer goers.
"We spend our entire Sunday collecting, cooking and distributing the food among the needy. We also do our part in the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan by cleaning after ourselves once we serve food to these people," another volunteer said.
The brainchild of a student named Vikas Mishra, the initiative became a reality when he saw a child begging near the Kanpur railway station.
"I was near the railway station when I saw a child begging. I asked him why he was begging. He told me that he was hungry and wanted food. That is when I thought about this initiative," founder Mishra said.
He said only a few people were with him when he started the initiative to feed the hungry, however more and more joined in later.
"Now we feed over 1,500 people in different parts of the city every Sunday and are looking to do this every single day," he added. (ANI)