Children of the school waiting to get the mid-day meal in Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh. Photo/ANI
Children of the school waiting to get the mid-day meal in Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh. Photo/ANI

UP: This primary school in Lucknow is devoid of water, washroom and electricity

ANI | Updated: Aug 19, 2019 19:32 IST

Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) [India], Aug 19 (ANI): A government primary school in the Lalbagh village here is devoid of all basic amenities-including water, washroom and electricity.
The school's plight is a sad commentary on what is being claimed about the condition of overall teaching facilities and infrastructure in the state.

The school does not have electricity, fans or even bulbs. The students carry out their studies sweating against 40-degree temperature.
The school serves maggie instead of healthy food as a part of the Mid-Day meal scheme.
"There is no electricity in our school for years. I go out of the school to drink water as well as to use the toilet as the school's water tank is not functional," said a class 3rd student, Vishesh.
Another class 1 student, Nida complained of the same and said that there is no electricity, water and toilet facility in the school.
"I also go out of the school to use the toilet," she added.

The school playground where the children should be playing is seen covered with debris and garbage. The students are forced to go to the public toilets in the area as the defective water tank in the school is of no use.
"There is no electricity since the beginning. Students bring water from their house as the school does not have a water tanker. There is no toilet in the school. The walls also have torn apart. We had tried to alert the administration but all our pleas fall in deaf ears," said Sudha, teacher.

Prabhat Bharti, a local said: "I have been here from the past 25 years and from the past 20 years the condition of the school has remained the same. There are no facilities in this school. In one incident, a woman lost her life after the school's roof fell on her. The MLAs, MPs don't listen to our pleas. Earlier there were not even benches for the students."
"This village was also adopted by the MPs, still no development has been taken place in this school. We had written many letters to the ministers but nobody responded. The school is also treated as a dumping yard as all the garbage of the village is dumped over here. The debris in the school has also become a major problem," he added. (ANI)