Farhod Arziev, the ambassador of Uzbekistan’s to India, speaking to ANI
Farhod Arziev, the ambassador of Uzbekistan’s to India, speaking to ANI

Uzbek envoy congratulates PM Modi, bats for united fight against terrorism

By Ashoke Raj (ANI) | Updated: Jun 05, 2019 18:01 IST

New Delhi [India], Jun 5 (ANI): Farhod Arziev, the ambassador of Uzbekistan to India, on Wednesday congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi for forming the new government and batted for a united fight against terrorism.
"First of all, I would like to say that Prime Minister Narendra Modi garnered a landslide victory in the recently held general elections in the country. President of Uzbekistan, Shavkat Mirziyoyev, also sent his greetings and congratulatory message soon after the Prime Minister was reappointed for the second term," the ambassador told ANI.
"The election results show the big trust that the people of India have on the government and leadership of Narendra Modi, and a clear testimony of the fact that he has been undertaking efforts to make India more prosperous," he added.
The ambassador further said that both India and Uzbekistan should stand together to establish peace and prosperity in the region.
Speaking on the global issue of terrorism, Arziev said, "The SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organisation) is against three evils, which are terrorism, extremism, and separatism. The fight against the three evils requires efforts of joining hands together. You cannot divide security and say that this is my security and this is your security."
"One needs to address commonly the support to fight against terrorism. And that is why we have counter-terror structure in Tashkent, also known as 'The Regional Anti-Terror Structure of Shanghai Corporation Organisation' or RATS," he added.
India and Uzbekistan not only share bilateral relations, wherein both countries have a common platform to share intelligence information, but there is also an active interaction among of all SCO members countries to address the common threats such as terrorism.
Arziev added, "India is playing an important role in the SCO, as we know India is the fastest growing economy in the world and India has rich experience in Information & Technology (IT) too."
SCO is a Eurasian political, economic and security alliance, which was created on June 15, 2001, in Shanghai, China, by the leaders of China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, and Uzbekistan. In 2017, India was admitted as a full-time member of the SCO.
The summit of SCO is scheduled to be held on June 13 and 14 in Kyrgyzstan. (ANI)