Robotic scavenging machine to clear sewers
Robotic scavenging machine to clear sewers

Vadodara gets robotic scavenging machine to clean sewers

ANI | Updated: Jun 15, 2021 09:46 IST

Vadodara (Gujarat) [India], June 15 (ANI): The Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) has got a robotic scavenging machine to clean choked sewers.
The machine, designed to operate with solar energy, requires two people for its operation.
It has been provided to VMC by Madhya Gujarat Vij Company Limited (MGVCL) under its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative.

While speaking to ANI, B Mishra, MD of Club First Robotics Private Ltd Jaipur said, "It is designed to clear sewage choking and operated by solar energy. It has cameras for live streaming. It is GPS enabled device and has a gas sensor."

He said that the basic function of the machine is to clear choked sewers. Additionally, it also has a system that separates the undissolved particles like plastic materials.
"Four to five workers have to go inside the gutter to clean manholes. But this robotic machine only requires two people. This will save our manpower and energy," he added.
He further said that after its successful operation, VMC will get more such machines from the company. (ANI)