Exhibition showcasing Enamel artwork organised in Bikaner House in New Delhi [Photo/ANI]
Exhibition showcasing Enamel artwork organised in Bikaner House in New Delhi [Photo/ANI]

Various styles of enamel art showcased in New Delhi

ANI | Updated: Oct 01, 2019 14:34 IST

New Delhi,[India] October 1 (ANI): Eleven artists from various parts of the country are showcasing the beauty of fired enamel art here at Bikaner House in the national capital.

Organised by the Enamelist Society the 'Enamel Revisted X', the 11-day long exhibition is set to continue till October 6 aims to promote the art form, especially as outdoor public art.
The showcase reflects a wide variety of enamel styles and ideas of the participating artists.
Artist Triveni Mahajan, who is known for her exceptional skills in enamel art and famed for extracting latest designs with her creativity on the enamel said that the creative form has been developing in the country.
"From the past 30 years, we have been doing enamelling in India. But in the last two decades, we have been very active. We are a group of 11 artists from India who are exhibiting their work in Bikaner House with different styles. The medium is enamelling which is basically fusing glass on metal such as copper, gold, silver and steel plates" says Triveni.
Apart from metals, artists use glass and fire to carve out unique and versatile art pieces.
Another participating enamel artist Seema Lalit Uppal says she uses flat pieces of copper to make unique designs.
Meanwhile, visitors to the exhibition were left awestruck with the beauty and creativity of the exhibited artworks. They admired the efforts invested by the enamel artists in making such creative pieces.
The Enamelist Society has created a great network of modern enamel and infrastructure for artists and upcoming enamelists. (ANI)