Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu while addressing a gathering in New Delhi on Friday. [Photo/ANI]
Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu while addressing a gathering in New Delhi on Friday. [Photo/ANI]

Vice president Naidu releases book of President Kovind's speeches

ANI | Updated: Sep 06, 2019 15:40 IST

New Delhi [India], Sept 6 (ANI): Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu on Friday released books - 'Loktantra Ke Swar' in Hindi and 'The Republican Ethic' in English, which are the compilations of speeches of President Ram Nath Kovind from his second year in office.
The Vice President also released the e-version of the books at the inaugural event held in New Delhi. The speeches have been divided into eight categories: 'Addressing the Nation', 'Windows to the World', 'Educating India: Equipping India', 'Dharma of Public Service', 'Honouring our Sentinels', 'Spirit of the Constitution and Law', 'Acknowledging Excellence' and 'Mahatma Gandhi: Moral Exemplar, Guiding Light.'
"I am privileged to release the volumes of selected speeches of our Hon'ble President, Ram Nath Kovindji, a friend, philosopher and guide to all of us.
I am doubly honoured, as I had the pleasant duty of releasing first volumes of his speeches as well," Naidu said while addressing the gathering.
"As the Head of the State, he (Ramnath Kovind) represents the essence of India, its vision, aspirations, expectations and its ethos. I have been following his erudite addresses, in which I find an earnest call for inclusiveness, a close connect with people and a vision for a new India. I am pleased to note that this year also, the fascinating diversity of our nation is reflected in these speeches. Again, the overriding ethos of our country- the ethos of Vasudhaiva Kutumbkam, the world is one family, reverberates through the wise words of our President Kovind," the Vice President stated.
Sharing his views on the book, the Vice President said that President Kovind's speeches "reminds us of the contributions of our Annadaatas-the farmers, our scientists and professionals and above all our brave jawans (soldiers) and added " he (President Ramnath Kovind) evokes idea of excellence and exhorts young entrants of our bureaucracy to stand like a rock, safeguarding Constitutional ethos."
"Education is a recurring theme, reflected in many speeches of the Hon'ble President. For him, education is not about accumulating facts and figures. Education, for him, is an instrument of empowerment. He wants our Universities to be powerhouses of progress towards a new India," he added.
Naidu also lauded President Kovind for "being a firm believer of social change through constitutional methods" and speaking of the "potential of the legal profession in the delivery of justice to the poorest."
He further stated that the President expects a high level of commitment and empathy among bureaucrats and added "President Kovind inspired hundreds of young civil servants, to become change agents, delivering social justice and acting as custodians of constitutional ethics and rule of law.
In his concluding remark, Vice President Naidu said that India is at a crucial moment in its history where it can take the major leap forward towards inclusive development. "It is true that there are major challenges and formidable obstacles. But we also have a pool of extraordinary talent in our country."
"We have ideas and innovative capabilities. We must put together an eco-system that builds upon this excellent foundation. A clean India, an educated skilled India, an innovative India, a Fit India, and a harmonious, strong, empowered India is a dream we all share," he added. (ANI)