Wall Mural in Delhi to commemorate Tokyo Paralympic Winners (Photo/ANI)
Wall Mural in Delhi to commemorate Tokyo Paralympic Winners (Photo/ANI)

Wall mural in Delhi honours Tokyo Paralympic winners

ANI | Updated: Sep 21, 2021 23:20 IST

By Gaurav Arora
New Delhi [India], September 21 (ANI): The creative team of Delhi Street Art (DSA) has partnered with North Municipal Corporation of Delhi's (NDMC) Karol Bagh ward to pay a creative tribute to Paralympic medal winners of the recently concluded games at Tokyo.
A decrepit run-down building wall at the busy Hanuman Mandir roundabout at the Pusa Road was selected for painting a mural, as hundreds of thousands of people walk and drive by it each day while heading in the direction of Connaught Place.
A team from NDMC ensured the necessary repairs to the wall in a timely manner. Artists from DSA created the wall art in just under 3 days.
Talking about the wall, Deputy Commissioner Himanshu Gupta said, "We have been partnering with the team from DSA for last several months in the Karol Bagh zone and have created multiple murals including Madhubani art on Walls of Kindness to pay tribute to the Mangalyaan mission, women scientists, mathematicians, writers, musicians, artists and others. This particular wall is our tribute to the amazing accomplishments of India's Paralympic team at Tokyo."

The founder of Delhi Street Art told ANI that the group was inspired by the Paralympians, just like the rest of the nation.
"Entire training and dedication commitment which they (Paralympians) put in the game, even participating in Olympics is such a big achievement and to win against world's best players is a tremendous achievement. As Delhi street artists, we always look for a role model and we considered scientists, doctors, educationists, musicians and all who have done something different and unique and who inspired not just us but other people. So, we have picked these Olympians and put their pictures on the wall," he said.
"Actually it was a very broken wall, but with the help of MCD, we had the wall repaired and were able to create this wall in under three days with our team of artists," he added.
Sharing his thoughts on the impact art has on minds, he said, "I strongly believe that pictures work. If you have a very large, prominent and colourful visual, that can impact people who drive by and view it for only a few seconds. This will captivate their imagination and the messages we are putting here will have a positive impact. Hopefully, it will impact the young sportsman." (ANI)