Rhinos sunbathing in the water sprinklers in Kanpur zoo. Photo/ANI
Rhinos sunbathing in the water sprinklers in Kanpur zoo. Photo/ANI

Water coolers, rain guns and special diet of melons, cucumbers for animals at Kanpur Zoo to protect from heat

ANI | Updated: May 24, 2020 09:50 IST

Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh) [India], May 24 (ANI): Kanpur Zoological Park has installed water coolers and hay curtains along with a revised diet for animals to combat the sudden surge in the temperature in the city.
"With the spurt in the heat, we have taken multiple precautions for the animals to protect them from the sweltering heat. We have installed water coolers for the carnivores, hay curtains for the birds, and rain guns for the herbivores. The hay curtains are regularly watered," said Dilip Gupta, Kanpur Zoo Rangers Officer.
To facilitate the process, the authorities have also made changes to the diet of the animals and birds.
"For carnivores, we have reduced their meat consumption since they do not need much energy at this time. As for the birds, we have reduced their protein intake and are feeding them a carbohydrate-based diet.
The green vegetables are incorporated in herbivores' diet while limiting the use of jaggery. We have started adding electrolytes, minerals, and vitamin ADH to the drinking water, for all animals and birds, to avoid dehydration and maintain the water balance. The water is changed on a regular basis as it gets warm due to the scorching heat," said Dr R.K. Singh, Kanpur Zoo veterinarian.He also said that some of the animals such as bears and a few other herbivores enjoy eating fibre-rich fruits and vegetables such as melons and cucumber.
The temperature has shot up beyond 40 degree Celsius in the region now.
"During the initial phases of the lockdown, limited vehicles were operational. People were also not using air conditioners. Hence, the temperature remained low. But now, the cars are back on the road and the use of ACs have increased. Consequently, heat has also shot up to 43-44 degree Celsius. It will only rise in the coming days," said Dr Nasir, a staff member of the medical team at Kanpur Zoo. (ANI)